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Chris Brown & Jacquees Release “Put In Work”

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Chris Brown & Jacquees


Can there be multiple kings of R&B?

No, Chris Brown and Jacquees aren’t the most successful R&B acts in the game right now (Especially Jacquees), but they do know how to make traditional R&B jams. With that being said, today, both of them decided to unite for “Put In Work” — a bedroom joint that will make more than your girl’s forehead moist.

You gotta love the tempo, the soft vocals, the Rated-R lyrics, and the melodies you hear on “Put In Work.” You also have to love the fact that Chris and Jacquees show great chemistry on the song, but also stand out in their own unique ways. Kudos to these young bosses for working so damn well with one another.

Shoutout to the fellas that still put in major work in the bedroom! Shoutout to the lazy fellas, too (I get it, no one likes sweating)!

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