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Lil Wayne, Gudda Gudda & Jay Jones Drop “Thug Life”


Lil Wayne, Gudda Gudda & Jay Jones


How much do you want to bet that Lil Wayne does not know that there is a pandemic going on right now?

I’m one of those people that thinks that Lil Wayne is a top 3 rapper of all-time. He has classic albums, classic verses, and classic songs on his resume. With that being said, sometimes Wayne makes songs that are beyond stupid. I hate to say it, but “Thug Life,” his latest single, is one of the stupidest songs I’ve heard this year.

“Thug Life” features reckless lyrics, decent rapping, GOD-awful singing, and two tough-ass beats (The song has two different sides to it). While Lil Wayne’s performance on the song is beyond shameful, Jay Jones and Gudda Gudda do gift us with heat on their respective verses.

Oh s**t, Ty Dolla $ign co-produced “Thug Life” along with some dude named Dante.

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