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Drew Ramz & Alex Scott Talk About Their Reckless Ways On “Wasted Away”

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Drew Ramz & Alex Scott

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I have so much in common with Drew Ramz and Alex Scott!

Drew Ramz is an artist that simply makes great music. Not only do I love the fact that he is versatile, but I also f**k with the topics that he covers in his songs. On “Wasted Away,” his upcoming single, Drew and Alex Scott bless us with something that is infectious, meaningful, and a bit humorous.

“Wasted Away” is powered by an instrumental that boasts nothing but feel-good vibes. Over it, Drew Ramz and Alex Scott fearlessly let the world know that they are obsessed with adult beverages, partying, and strippers. What I love most about the song is that it features intoxicating melodies and a catchy hook. I also like how Drew and Alex make it abundantly clear that they are living their lives exactly how they want to (You can’t hate on that).

“Wasted Away” will drop in a couple of days!




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