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Markus Spittka Soothes Souls With “Glorious”

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Markus Spittka

Markus Spittka is an instrumentalist that makes truly refreshing music.

In this day and age, I think it is paramount to listen to music that is soothing, heartwarming, and productive. With that being said, that is the type of music that Markus Spittka makes! On his latest body of work, God Is Love, he blesses us with instrumentals that ooze of nothing but feel-good vibes.

“Glorious” is one of my favorite songs on God Is Love. I love the piano notes, electrifying guitar riffs, and hard-hitting drumming that you hear on the song. I also love how the song finds a way to tug at the heart of listeners but also find a way to be edgy. All in all, “Glorious” is a dynamic instrumental that will take you on a very beautiful musical rollercoaster rides.

Listen to the very invigorating “Glorious.”

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