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Machine Gun Kelly Calls On blackbear For “My Ex’s Best Friend”


Machine Gun Kelly


Two very troubled musicians link up for “My Ex’s Best Friend.”

I love blackbear and I really like emo Machine Gun Kelly. To me, the two musicians do a great job of singing fearlessly and pouring their broken hearts out lyrically in their music. Today, the two musicians decided to release “My Ex’s Best Friend” — a song that will make you cry, break your imaginary guitar, and make you remove every picture of your ex that you have in your phone.

I love the tumultuous drumming, exhilarating guitar-play, and passionate singing that you get on “My Ex’s Best Friend.” I also love how both Machine Gun Kelly and blackbear both build up and scare their respective lovers in the song.

I don’t know why I love alternative rock music so much…

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