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Smokepurpp Let It All Hang Out On “Said A Lotta Things”

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Smokepurpp keeps it a little too real on “Said A Lotta Things.”

I don’t hate Smokepurpp’s music at all. In my opinion, he is a very entertaining rapper to listen to. With that being said, today, ‘Purpp decided to release “Said A Lotta Things” — a melodic banger that is beyond interesting.

“Said A Lotta Things” is catchy as hell. It’s also bizarre (Smokepurpp sings with a weird-ass country accent on the song) and a bit disturbing (Smokepurpp talks about being on tons of hard-ass drugs when he first met his girlfriend in the song). I think the song is something that you will either like or think is beyond stupid.

Damn, Smokepurpp really is a junkie…

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