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Alicia Keys & Khalid

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Alicia Keys and Khalid better not be done with wearing masks!

Alicia Keys and Khalid are two of my favorite singers right now. Not only do they tend to steer clear from the messy-ass topics that R&B singers tend to sing about these days, but they also have amazing voices. Today, Alicia and Khalid decided to release “So Done” — one of the smoothest rebellious duets that I’ve ever heard in my life.

“So Done” is powered by a comforting instrumental that I would gladly play when I’m trying to fall asleep for a few hours. Over it, Alicia Keys and Khalid sing gently about living life fearlessly. While the former sounds amped up to introduce her new self to the world, the latter sounds like he’s ready for everyone around him to change.

Now I understand why Khalid cut his Jaylen Brown flattop…

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