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Davon! Puts Up A Fantastic Performance On “Personal”

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I’m putting all of my stock into Davon!’s career.

Davon!’s time is now. Though he has been singing for years now, he hasn’t gotten a full opportunity to show off all of his music skills to the world. On “Personal,” Davon!’s latest single, he shines brighter than the sun!

“Personal” is literally impossible to dislike. The song features a trap beat that is colorful, a vocal performance that is inebriating, melodies to die for, a hook that is catchy, and lyrics that every single human being that has gone through ups-and-downs in any kind of relationship can relate to. All in all, if you like daring pop music, you will like “Personal.”

It’s shocking that “Personal” is Davon!’s first official single. In my opinion, he sounds like a polished musician in every single way.



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