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KinetiX Illuminates On “Lullaby”

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“Lullaby” will release on August 28th.

If you like music that is well-written, colorful, and therapeutic, you will absolutely love KinetiX! Not only do they pour their heart out on every song they make, but they also try their hardest to make listeners dance. On their upcoming single, “Lullaby,” KinetiX outdo themselves in every kind of way.

“Lullaby” boasts feel-good vibes, a memorable hook, melodies to die for, and a lively instrumental. You will be intoxicated by the passionate vocal performance that you hear on the song. You will also be engulfed in the song’s heartwarming/romantic lyrics. All in all, I recommend that you listen to “Lullaby” in a laidback setting with a laidback beau.

I’m saving “Lullaby” to my music library as soon as it releases.




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