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Trippie Redd & Busta Rhymes Join Forces For “I Got You”

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Trippie Redd & Busta Rhymes


I saw a Trippie Redd and Busta Rhymes love song coming from a mile away!

I dated an ex that once thought that “I Know What You Want” was the best song ever… Today, Trippie Redd and Busta Rhymes decided to remake the hit for all of the Generation Zers that weren’t born when it was made.

I hate the hook that you hear on “I Got You.” I do f**k with Busta Rhymes’ verse and the infectious vocal performance that Trippie gifts us with. Whatever the case may be, I’m glad “I Got You” reminded me that “I Know What You Want” exists.

Busta Rhymes sounds like the second coming of Freddy Kruger.

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