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Ayanis Calls On Jack Harlow For A Remix To “Lil Boi (Big Talk)”


Ayanis & Jack Harlow

OVERALL RATING  (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A bunch of people from Love & Hip Hop can learn a thing or two from this song.

I clicked on this “Lil Boi (Big Talk)” song because it features Jack Harlow; I left it giving Ayanis mad props! What she plugs into the song are infectious melodies, a hook that is intoxicating, tons of swag, and lyrics that will make busters strengthen up. As for Jack, he drops a dope-ass verse that has him reminding women that he’s grown enough to spoil them in all kinds of ways on the song.

I can see Ciara making a song like “Lil Boi (Big Talk)” (The song reminds me of “1, 2 Step”).

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