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Listen To “Danza’s Garden” By Danza



“Danza’s Garden” is a very enjoyable listen!

In these tumultuous times that we are living in, there’s nothing like listening to pacifying rap music. With that being said, Danza’s Garden will soothe your soul, soothe your mind, and soothe your heart.

While listening to Danza’s Garden, you’re going to want to either lay down on a hammock, frolic through a garden or sip on a Pina Colada. Every single song on the project boasts comforting vibes and thought-provoking lyrics. Every single song also boasts outstanding rap flows and infectious melodies. By the time you are finished listening to the project, you are going to understand the importance of equality, self-love, and good music.

Danza is the masseur I didn’t know that I needed in my life.





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