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BLACKPINK & Cardi B Live Life Freely On “Bet You Wanna”




Keep getting those K-pop checks, Cardi!

Cardi B might be one of the most versatile rappers in the world. I’ve heard her on pop joints, R&B joints, rap joints, reggaeton joints, and even coronavirus PSAs. Today, Cardi decided to try her hand at K-pop music!

“Bet You Wanna” is probably the poppiest pop joint that I’ve ever heard in my life. The instrumental is bubbly as s**t and the vocal performance that the BLACKPINK ladies bless us with will make dudes in the bando cringe. With that being said, Cardi B puts up a phenomenal rap verse on the song! Not only does she remind us that she is the bossiest chick in the game on her verses, but overall, she takes command of the song with her undeniable charm and impregnable rap deliveries.

How the f**k can you hate on Cardi B?


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