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Hemisphere Releases The Timeless-Sounding “Transmission”



“Transmission” is off Hemisphere’s new album American Dreams.

Hemisphere is a band that loves to blend pop, jazz, rock, metal, and fusion when they make music. On their latest album, American Dreams, not only do they gift us with all kinds of unique sounds, but they also bless us with thought-provoking lyrics. One of the best songs from the album is “Transmission.”

“Transmission” is a lively, powerful, action-packed, and uptempo song. You’re going to love how the song’s instrumental boasts both intergalactic and soft rock vibes. You are also going to love how the lead singer of Hemisphere comes across like an action hero vocally and how he comes across like an honest fellow that simply seeks the right connection with his loved ones lyrically. All in all, “Transmission” is a very exciting song to listen to.

Listen to “Transmission” below!

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