Queen Naija & Lil Durk


I love you, Queen Naija, but why are you always complaining about something?

Queen Naija is a really good artist. Not only is she a fantastic singer, but I also love the fact that she pours her heart out on every single song that she makes. With that being said, today, Naija decided to release “Lie To Me,” a soulful banger that features Lil Durk.

I love the beat that powers “Lie To Me” (It samples Debarge’s classic “A Dream” beat). I also love how Queen Naija sings fearlessly about being treated poorly, while Lil Durk talks about being a dude that treats women like Naija poorly on the song. All in all, both artists bless us with fantastic performances.

I still can’t believe Queen Naija isn’t from Nigeria.