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Lil Duval & T.I. Tell The World “Don’t Worry Be Happy”

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Lil Duval & T.I.


I needed a song like “Don’t Worry Be Happy” in my life.

Lil Duval is a comedian, but do not sleep on his singing skills. Also, don’t sleep on his ability to make positive music. Today, both Duval and T.I. decided to release “Don’t Worry Be Happy,” a song that will remind you to put a smile on your face at all times.

“Don’t Worry Be Happy” flips Bob McFerrin’s classic hit with the same name. What Lil Duval and T.I. add to this revamped version of the song are lyrics that should resonate with generation Zers, millennials, generation Yers, and maybe generation Xers.

Listen to “Don’t Worry Be Happy” below!

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