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Usher & Kiana Ledé Join Forces For “This Day” From “Jingle Jangle” Soundtrack


Usher & Kiana Ledé


Damn, I guess Christmas is around the corner…

If you haven’t started writing your Christmas list for Santa yet, you are tripping! In less than two months, trees will be going up and your co-workers will be getting drunk at holiday parties. In honor of both the upcoming holiday and the new Netflix film Jingle Jangle, Usher and Kiana Ledé decided to release “This Day” today.

Usher and Kiana Ledé put up masterful performances on “This Day.” Throughout the song, they sing passionately about the importance of being resilient and staying true to yourself. If you don’t get motivated to knock out some chores after listening to the song, you might have LazyMan syndrome.

Usher has turned into one of the most wholesome singers in the game.

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