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Edward W. Sealey & Felton Pilate Make Quite The Tandem On “Brighter Than This”


Edward W. Sealey & Felton Pilate


Despite “Brighter Than This” being Canadian producer/composer Edward W. Sealey’s first official single, based on the performance that he puts up on the song, you would think that he was someone that has been releasing music on his own for years.

“Brighter Than This” is one of those songs that will make you feel all good inside! You’re going to absolutely love the infectious melody the song boasts and how it practically speaks to you without using words. You are also going to love how the song boasts jazzy vibes that will make you want to dance with someone that you are simply trying to have fun with.

You can tell that Edward W. Sealey and Felton Pilate had a blast making “Brighter Than This.”

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