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Karlae, Young Thug & Gunna Join Forces For “Jimmy Choo”


Karlae, Young Thug & Gunna


YSL’s first lady talks her s**t on “Jimmy Choo.”

Young Thug and Jerrika Karlae’s relationship is so solid, they are collaborating on songs now! Today, Karlae decided to release a brand new single called “Jimmy Choo” that features both Thugger and Gunna.

I’m not going to lie, I think Karlae outshines Young Thug and Gunna on “Jimmy Choo.” Don’t get me wrong, I like how sly/cool/unbothered the two YSL honchos sound on their respective verses, but at the end of the day, you cannot ignore how Karlae takes command of the song by dropping raps that are gangsta, braggadocios, catchy, infectious, and hella petty.

Support your women, fellas!


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