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O.T. Genasis Links Up With Chris Brown & Charlie Wilson For “Back To You”


O.T. Genasis, Chris Brown & Charlie Wilson


I saw a song featuring O.T. Genasis, Chris Brown & Charlie Wilson coming from a mile away!

O.T. Genasis’ biggest songs to date are “Coco” and “Cut It” (Two songs that are about drug-dealing). Today, O.T. decided to drop “Back To You,” a song that folks will want to play at family reunions (Damn, O.T. has completely switched s**t up on us).

Let’s be real, Chris Brown and Charlie Wilson are the MVPs of “Back To You.” Both singers bless the song with outstanding vocal performances and swag that you can’t buy at your local pimp store. The song is also appealing because it samples Gap Band’s “Outstanding” hit from back in the day. What O.T. Genasis does add to “Back To You” is gritty vibes and both comical and hood-romantic lyrics.

What do you young jits know about music like this?

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