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Hotline Calls Out Social Media Misuse On “The Gram”




Hotline’s “The Gram” tackles the topic of social media in a colorful, unique, and refreshing way.

Hotline is a three-member band from France that you need to pay very close attention to. What makes them special is that they like to fearlessly blend pop and hip-hop sounds in their music. On “The Gram,” Hotline’s latest single, they hold nothing back when it comes to creativity.

People love “The Gram” (The song already has over 10K views on Spotify), and I know exactly why. Not only does the song feature an infectious instrumental, but it also features dynamic vocal performances, memorable melodies, and lyrics that will make you rethink the importance of social media followers and likes. All in all, I think that “The Gram” is a very meaningful pop hit.

Listen to “The Gram” below.



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