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DeJ Loaf – Sell Sole II (Album Review)

DeJ Loaf calls on some heavy-hitters for “Sell Sole II.”




5. UP

DeJ Loaf taps deeply into her soulful side on “Up.”

I do not think that “Up” is a good song. I do f**k with the song’s chill-ass vibes, 6LACK’s vulnerable verse, and DeJ’s somewhat infectious hook. However, I repeat, I do not think that “Up” is a good song…



4. IDK

“IDK” is the meanest song on Sell Sole II.

“IDK” is powered by a beat that you might hear on a trap horror movie. Over it, DeJ Loaf and Big Sean do everything they can to come across as bullies, rap killers, and people that you would want to avoid at the grocery store. While the former raps with a laidback style, the latter sounds as dynamic as ever.




DeJ Loaf and Rick Ross literally talk about slapping folks in “Open Hand.”

To be completely honest with you, the performance that DeJ Loaf puts up on this “Open Hand” track is awful (She sounds all over the place on the song). With that being said, I do f**k with the song’s beat and Rick Ross‘ flawless verse.




DeJ Loaf calls on her Detroit homies, 42 Dugg & Sada Baby, for “Tap In.”

DeJ Loaf, 42 Dugg & Sada Baby remind folks that they are ruthless individuals that love smoke, blickies, hitting licks, and doing chicks bad in “Tap In.” While Dej does a great job of blessing the track with a very catchy/trill hook, 42 Dugg does a great job of sounding like a thug that rapped his verse behind an electric fan, and Sada Baby does a great job of sounding like a thug that rapped his verse while ripping his shirt off like The Incredible Hulk.




DeJ Loaf recruits Griselda’s best for “Get Money.”

DeJ Loaf shines on “Get Money.” Not only do I f**k with the vocal performance that she gifts us with on the song, but I also like how she plays Benny The Butcher, Conway The Machine, and Boldy James’ gentle hypeman.

Benny The Butcher, Conway The Machine & Boldy James sound like hungry rappers on “Get Money.” Through gaudy punchlines and sturdy deliveries, the three rappers let us know about their rough upbringings and down-ass chicks in the song. If you grew up in the hood, their verses will make you shed a ghetto tear.


1. BIRD CALL 2 (2/5)

2. QUEEN (2/5)


4. BUBBLY (3/5)

5. IDK (3/5)

6. NO PASSES (2/5)

7. OBVIOUS (3/5)

8. CHOOSE (2/5)

9. NO CEILING (3/5)

10. TAP IN (3/5)

11. OPEN HAND (3/5)

12. GET MONEY (4/5)

13. JUST LIKE ME (3/5)

14. SIMPLY (3/5)

15. UP (3/5)




When I heard DeJ Loaf rap for the first time, I thought that she was a young rapper that didn’t quite have the right equipment or people around her to succeed. Well, I think there is no excuse for her to sound as amateur as she does five years later on Sell Sole II.

Here’s the thing: I love how real DeJ Loaf’s lyrics are on Sell Sole II. To be more specific, I enjoy how she opens up about her sexcapades, about her hood ways, and about her rough come up throughout the album. I also enjoy how powerful the beats that DeJ raps over on the album are. The problem with her is that she doesn’t sound like a skilled rapper at all. Too many times, she hits us with discombobulated flows, novice punchlines, and basic melodies. She also sounds like someone that lacks confidence on the mic. I know, my critique of her performance on Sell Sole II is pretty harsh, but at the end of the day, I have to call out an album that is only listenable because of the features on it.

DeJ, I have trust in you, I just think you need a little more tutelage.


5 thoughts on “DeJ Loaf – Sell Sole II (Album Review)

  1. Listening to the album now, completley agree, I first heard Dej Loaf from her 2015 album #andseethatsthething – This was so unique and one of my albums. The closest song to that is “Get Money” the rest of the tracks are nothing notable. Such ashame Dej didnt follow the route of #andseethatsthething for me anyway.

    Im liking the 2nd half of the album much more than the first

    1. Man, you’ve been following her even longer than I have!

      Yea, it’s unfortunate that she hasn’t quite grown as an artist much. Her style is dope, but she really struggles to make a complete song.

      Anywho, thanks for the comment and reading!

  2. I disagree with your whole list. Here’s my top 5:
    1. Queens
    2. No Passes
    3. Choose
    4. Birdcall 2
    5. No Ceiling

    1. I vehemently disagree with your top 5, but it’s ok! Lol

      Some of those songs have serious potential, but when it’s all said and done, they don’t sound like quality songs, to me. But I’m no master of music, it’s all opinion!

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