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Day Lee & PnB Rock Join Forces For “4REALTHO”


Day Lee & Pnb Rock


4REALTHO is off Day Lee’s “WAY OF Vol. 2” EP.

You can never have enough bouncy club songs in your life. A couple of days ago, Day Lee and Pnb Rock decided to release “4REALTHO,” an uptempo banger that will make you want to jump on your parent’s bed.

“4REALTHO” is powered by infectious melodies and an exhilarating beat. The song also features trill-ass lyrics by both Day Lee and Pnb Rock. (The two rappers talk about their hood, savage, and violent ways in the song). All in all, “4REALTHO” is a banger that is impossible to hate.

Check out Day Lee’s WAY OF Vol. 2 EP HERE.

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