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LONESA!KO Lets His Heart Bleed On “DANGERR”

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No one is making the kind of music LONESA!KO is making.

LONESA!KO is a rapper, singer, and songwriter that is not afraid of showing off his fearless side when he makes music. On “Eraser,” his previous single, he does a great job of coming across as a vulnerable individual that knows a thing or two about creating irresistible melodies. In a couple of days, LONESA!KO will release “DANGERR,” yet another banger that is way too infectious to ignore.

“DANGERR” features a beat that listeners will drown in, melodies that will hypnotize you, and fearless lyrics. What I love most about the song is that it boasts all kinds of vibes (Smooth vibes, trap vibes, and emo vibes). I also like how the song gives light to SA!KO’s mindset when it comes to approaching all of the crazy things life throws at you.

Very soon, the world will be blessed with the full version of “DANGERR.” In the meantime, listen to a snippet of the song below!

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