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Kevin Gates Goes To Home Base With His Chick On “Power”


Kevin Gates


Kevin Gates sounds possessed on “Power.”

These last couple of weeks, Kevin Gates has dropped so much music. If I were to guess, he is prepping to release a brand new project. Today, Gates decided to drop “Power,” a song that is, yes, you guessed it, very powerful!

Kevin Gates sounds like a dude that is obsessed with punani on “Power.” Throughout the song, he sings passionately and raps ruggedly about doing some pretty freaky things to his lover. Personally, I think the song sounds a little too dramatic, but at the end of the day, I get why it sounds so dramatic (Hey, sometimes a man’s libido can make them get all emotional and s**t).

It’s only a matter of time before Kevin Gates starts producing pornos.

One thought on “Kevin Gates Goes To Home Base With His Chick On “Power”

  1. I agree the song is unnecessarily dramatic and a bit too much punani to show any true lyricism. It was kind of weird and a little bit off. But if you listen to the original version, Dermot Kennedy is a powerful and dramatic singer so Kevin Gates had ALOT of work to do to try and fit the cadence of the song. The jury is out on how I feel about the actual song but yea, this review needs reviewing a little. 🙂

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