The visuals to “Bible & Key” is beyond riveting.

If you aren’t hip to Ginjah, stop everything you are doing and get hip. Throughout the years, he has done a fantastic job of blessing us with meaningful, memorable, and authentic reggae music. On Ginjah’s latest release, “Bible & Key,” he hits us with lyrics that will resonate with anyone that has had something valuable stolen from them.

In Jamaica, folklore rituals are huge. According to Ginjah, using a bible and a key is a great way to catch a thief:

“First, I want to say I don’t know anything about obeah but after a few of my jewelleries went missing, I was told that using the ‘Bible and key’ has worked for persons who want to catch a thief,” Ginjah told THE WEEKEND STAR. “There is a saying, ‘the people close to you know the most about you’, that’s where the song is coming from.”

Aside from the strong messages that you hear on “Bible & Key,” the song also boasts infectious vibes and intoxicating melodies (No, it is not wrong to jam out to a song that is about thievery).