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Listen To “Radicalize” By I.K.P.



I.K.P. pours his heart and soul into “RADICALIZE.”

Even though I.K.P. has been making music for quite some time now, that hasn’t stopped him from growing as an artist. After his last release in 2015, the New York rapper decided to get more personal about his struggles with addiction, heartbreak, and depression in his songs. On I.K.P.’s latest release, RADICALIZE, he exercises a few of his demons.

RADICALIZE is only five tracks long. Fortunately, within those five tracks, I.K.P. hits us with both smooth and explosive beats, both thought-provoking and explosive lyrics, both tricky and explosive flows, both infectious and explosive hooks, and both unique and explosive titles (Do you notice the common denominator here?). If you are someone that loves A$AP Ferg and music that will make you want to do a few more reps at the gym, you will love RADICALIZE!

Listen to RADICALIZE below!




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