SAINt JHN & Kanye West


There is no way in hell that y’all are old enough to remember what Smack DVDs are…

Last week, SAINt JHN released While The World Was Burning, an album that I’ve already played 157 times. Today, he decided to release “Smack DVD,” a song that I might only play 50 or 60 times (I don’t like it that much).

“Smack DVD” goes harder than left out Corn Bread. The song is powered by a booming beat, a rowdy vocal performance by SAINt JHN, and a provocative verse by Kanye West.

While I will certainly bump “Smack DVD” when I need a pick-me-up, at the end of the day, Kanye’s egotistical verse is the reason the song isn’t that great.

If “Smack DVD” was on While The World Was Burning, it would be the worst song on the album…


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