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Lil Wayne – No Ceilings 3 (Album Review)

Lil Wayne feeds us with tons of explosive bars on “No Ceilings 3.”





Lil Wayne swears that he is a baller on “Afro.”

If you are someone that likes it when Lil Wayne rides a beat like a surfboard and goes overboard when it comes to comparing violence to sports, you will like “Afro!”




Since “Comme Des Garcon” is powered by Pop Smoke’s “Dior” beat, I just knew that Wayne would take the craziest route to make it to the finish line of the song.

Throughout “Comme Des Garcon,” Lil Wayne sounds like he’s rapping while riding a mechanical bull. He also switches between a heartbreaker, a cold-hearted killer, a reckless spender, and a dude that is about to throw up on the song.




Of course, a song called “Out West” features two dudes from the South (F**k geography).

Lil Wayne and Young Thug’s beef from a couple of years ago was so pointless. I’m glad that the two rappers put their differences aside and decided to join forces for “Out West.”

I love how Wayne and his successor lose their s**t on “Out West.” Not only do they hit us with outlandish rap deliveries, but they also hit us with lyrics that are demented, violent, and ungodly (I would want this song to sound no other way).

Lil Wayne and Young Thug had to have taken drugs the likes of which we’ve never seen before during the making of “Out West.”




Lil Wayne raps over Jay-Z’s “Takeover” beat on “Lamar.”

It’s random as f**k that Lil Wayne decided to spit bars over Jay-Z’s “Takeover” beat on “Lamar.” Whatever the case may be, I f**k with how the New Orleans rapper tries to flip the classic beat upside down on the song. I also f**k with the way Wayne finds pockets in the song to use Jay-Z’s flows from “Takeover.”



1. B.B. KING

Lil Wayne and Drake reunite for “B.B. King.”

The beat that powers “B.B. King” will make you want to cruise down a quiet highway. Unfortunately, the bars that you get from both Drake and Lil Wayne on the song will make you do every single ugly face in the book.

While Drake hits us with bars that are thought-provoking, wise, and stirring on “B.B. King,” Lil Wayne hits us with bars that are competitive, disrespectful, and offensive. The combination of the two rappers’ approaches will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Lil Wayne and Drake’s chemistry is still on point!


1. V8 (3/5)

2. B.B. KING (5/5)

3. LAMAR (4/5)

4. FOR THE NIGHT (3/5)


6. LIFE IS GOOD (3/5)

7. PEGGY BUNDY (3/5)

8. OUT WEST (3/5)

9. CHURCH (3/5)


11. DEEP END (3/5)

12. DRAG ‘EM (3/5)

13. DRIVE-BY (3/5)

14. FL4M3$ (3/5)


16, HOLLYWOOD (3/5)

17.. KAM (3/5)

18. KAMILLA (2/5)

19. 2DIAMONDS (2/5)

20. AFRO (2/5)




You have to appreciate Lil Wayne’s love for rapping. Throughout the years, he has shown an interest in spitting bars over practically any beat that you give him. On No Ceilings 3, Wayne tackles yet another wide variety of beats that we’ve heard before.

No Ceilings 3 is the worst No Ceilings. Don’t get me wrong, I f**k with Wayne’s ability to hit us with unique punchlines and outstanding wordplay on the mixtape; however, I won’t let y’all convince me that him sounding like a malfunctioning robot on a good chunk of the tracks on this mixtape is good music. I also won’t let y’all convince me that, in 2020, I want to hear verses by Hoodbaby, Euro, Gudda Gudda, Cory Gunz, and Vice Versa; that I want to hear amateur verses by Young Carter, Young Kam Carter, and Lil Tune; that I want to hear DJ Khaled sound like a rogue hypeman; and that Wayne fits on a bunch of these beats. No Ceilings 3 is a cute/nostalgic project, but it is farrrrrrr from good…

I hate being the bad guy 😔 (I still think that you are a top 3 rapper of all-time, Wayne!)

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