Facebagel has one of the purest voices that I’ve ever heard.





Facebagel intertwines love and nature magically on “Honeybee.”

Facebagel talks about stumbling upon someone so beautiful in “Honeybee,” he can’t help but wonder what his life would look like if she were always in it.

What I love about “Honeybee” is that you can hear joy, relief, and giddiness in Facebagel’s voice throughout the song. I also love how the song is powered by a style of fingerpicking that will make you tap your feet, make you hum along, and make you cherish your partner.





If you are currently in a long-term relationship, “Marigold” should resonate with you mightily.

In “Marigold,” Facebagel touchingly reminds his partner how, when, and why they fell in love with one another.

The vulnerability, the passion, and the soulfulness that Facebagel displays on “Marigold” are astonishing to listen to. I also enjoy how the song’s tranquil tone allows Facebagel to speak as concisely to his partner as he can.

I truly love the instrumental that powers “Marigold.” Though it is simplistic, there’s something about the fingerstyle guitar-play that plays with my heartstrings.




 In “Walkin’ By,” Facebagel talks about the impact that a deteriorating relationship can have on one’s life.

What I love about “Walkin By” is that Facebagel finds vivid, abstract, and stirring ways to describe the feelings that come with love and heartbreak in the song. When you add his ability to numb our minds with a vocal performance that is colder than East Antarctica to the equation, what you will realize is that Facebagel is someone that can probably tell a mean bedtime story.

A harmonica and a guitar play nice with each other on “Walkin By.” While the former provides the song with a glimmer of liveliness, the latter provides the song with a splash of chilliness.




On “Felix,” Facebagel pays homage to an old friend that helped him become the man that he is today.

It will be hard to get through “Felix” with a dry eye. Not only will Facebagel’s warm, yet soul-clinching vocal performance get to you, but the touching lyrics that he blesses us with throughout the song should give you goosebumps.

“Felix” shows the world yet again that Facebagel is a detail-oriented storyteller that cares about the trivial things in a tale. He also shows the world that he is more than capable of creating memorable melodies and instrumentals that straddle the line between soothing and upbeat.




I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Heartwarming music is what we need to heal us from 2020’s wicked ways. With that being said, I urge you to value music that boasts positive vibes and touching lyrics. Facebagel EP, Facebagel’s latest body of work, features a lot of the two things that I just mentioned.

Since Facebagel EP is powered by instrumentals that rely heavily on chilly guitar licks, you get a version of Facebagel that is nurturing, courageous, and inspired by a bunch of his pent-up feelings. You also get melodies and harmonies that flawlessly complement the moving words that Fb hurls out throughout the album. All in all, Facebagel EP is a well-crafted/meaningful EP that I think everyone needs to listen to.

All of Facebagel EP was recorded in BridgeSet Sound in Philadelphia, PA. Also, Steve Harner is responsible for the EP’s artwork, mixing, and mastering.