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Rich The Kid Shows Off His Melodic Side On “So Heartless”

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Rich The Kid


On some real s**t, Rich The Kid sounds like ‘Rich The Responsible Adult’ on “So Heartless.”

Rich The Kid isn’t the best rapper in the world, but he certainly acts like he is. These last couple of years, his braggadocios ways have permeated through his music. On “So Heartless,” Rich’s latest single, he finally comes across like a dude that is semi-humble.

Rich The Kid shines like a muthaf**ka on “So Heartless!” Not only do I f**k with the melodies that he blesses us with on the song, but I also f**k with the way that he keeps it real lyrically on his verses.

“So Heartless” is Rich The Kid’s best song in at least two years.

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