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Mr. Slade Calls Out Tempters In “You Make It So Hard”


Mr. Slade


You will easily fall in love with “You Make It So Hard” by Mr. Slade (Do you like what I did there?).

Mr. Slade is yet another musician from Canada that is doing big things. What I think people will love about him is that he is a daring musician. With that being said, on Mr. Slade’s latest single, “You Make It So Hard,” he does a great job of blending 80s metal with present-day pop.

“You Make It So Hard” features an uptempo instrumental, a vocal performance that is both hypnotizing and ferocious, and lyrics that are both romantic and spooky. If you are someone that wants to take it to Homebase with someone that plays hard to get, “You Make It So Hard” will strike a chord with you. If you are someone that loves songs that are powered by kick-ass guitar riffs and tons of bass, “You Make It So Hard” will strike a chord with you.

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