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Beemo Pays Homage To Fearless Women On “Nova”

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“Nova” is such a fun song to listen to!

Beemo is an Americana band from Orlando, Florida that likes to blend indie rock with both bluegrass and celtic folk in their music. On their latest album, Bustin Out, the band blesses us with eleven well-structured tracks. One of the best ones is the intoxicating “Nova.”

The instrumental attached to “Nova” will blow you away. Not only do Matt Juliano (Guitarist) and Sean Quinn (Mandolinist) put up electrifying/masterful performances, but Justin JB Braun (Percussionist) and Tony Mickie (Bassist) also gift us with contributions that add some serious oomph to the song. As for Dan Harshbarger (Lead vocalist), he does a great job of singing daringly about a woman that is living life on the fastest lane on the planet!

Listen to the action-packed “Nova” below. Also, check out Bustin Out HERE!


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