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Benny The Butcher Talks About His Shooting Incident In “3:30 In Houston”


Benny The Butcher


Benny The Butcher is back and stronger than ever!

I’ma be real with you, if I got shot like Benny The Butcher got shot, I would probably disappear from the spotlight for a few weeks. Well, only a few weeks after his shooting, Benny has returned to the music scene with the very menacing/braggadocios/gritty “3:30 In Houston.”

To call Benny The Butcher “resilient” would be a major understatement. In “3:30 In Houston,” he welcomes smoke, he calls out his shooters, and he practically lets us know that he is charging his shooting to the game. While Benny doesn’t quite hit us with tons of clever punchlines, he does hit us with bars that are realer than your uncle’s man boobs.

LORD have mercy on these rappers.

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