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G-Eazy & Rick Ross Confront Their Critics In “Lifestyles Of The Rich & Hated”

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G-Eazy & Rick Ross


Who doesn’t f**k with G-Eazy and Rick Ross?

Five years ago, G-Eazy released his biggest album to-date, When It’s Dark Out. Today, the Bay Area rapper decided to honor the album by releasing a deluxe version of it that features “Lifestyles Of The Rich & Hated.”

“Lifestyle Of The Rich & Hated” is such a sad f**king song. Not only does it features a somber beat, but it also features lyrics by G-Eazy that will make even hip-hop Harry want to ball up in a corner a cry. Thankfully, Rick Ross drops a semi-braggadocios/semi-pitiful verse on the song that brightens the mood a little…

Everybody wants to be a rapper, but name me one rapper that is completely happy (I’ll wait)…

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