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Felipe Da Don Calls On Lil Baby & Gunna For “Sticky”


Felipe Da Don, Lil Baby & Gunna


How the hell did Felipe Da Don get both Lil Baby and Gunna on this song? (He must know Santa’s man or something).

I do not know who Felipe Da Don is, but I would love to get to know him. Anywho, today, Felipe decided to release “Sticky,” a song that features both Gunna and Lil Baby!

Believe it or not, Felipe Da Don shines the brightest on “Sticky.” I love the energy and confidence that he raps with on the song. As for Gunna and Lil Baby, on their short verses, they hit us with some pretty impressive flows and trill-ass lyrics.

Do you know what else is sticky? That corner in my bathtub that never gets cleaned.

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