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Tory Lanez – Loner (Album Review)

On “Loner, Tory Lanez shines by being a hood-certified/carefree douchebag.





Lil Wayne, Melli, and Tory Lanez each rap rawly about their strip club escapades in “Big Tipper.”

If you are a devout Christian, I recommend that you close your ears when “Big Tipper” comes on. In the song, Lil Wayne, Tory Lanez, and Melli talk about shooting their ops, tipping sexy-ass strippers, and smashing men/women that are freakier than a rollercoaster ride with a loose screw.

I strongly believe that Melli has the best verse on “Big Tipper.” Throughout it, she spits with hella confidence and hits us with a very relentless flow (Yes, Melii out-raps Tory and Wayne on this song).




In “Motorboat,” Tory Lanez reminds the world that he is a dude that you don’t want smoke with, that he is a dude that is rich as s**t, and that he is a dude that got it out of the mud.

Even though “Motorboat” is powered by a beat that was probably made by a Black-capped Chickadee that grew up in the hood, you get a version of Tory that is gassed up, gritty, and surprisingly, humble on the song.




Since “Boss” is powered by a dark trap beat, Tory decides to play a heartbreaker, a cold-hearted drug dealer, a shot-caller, a reckless spender, and a God-fearing individual on the song.

Tory Lanez doesn’t hit us with tricky flows, memorable melodies, or amazing lyrics on “Boss;” instead, he hits us with nothing but hood-riveting lyrics that are delivered rather ruggedly.




“Young Niggas” opens up Loner very strongly.

On “Young Ni**as,” Tory Lanez speaks from his heart, he blacks out, he flows like a madman, he hits us with a dramatic hook, and he sounds like he is on the verge of throwing up. He also calls out folks that tried to cancel him, he proclaims himself to be the realest on the block, and he brags about overcoming odds. While you may not love how cocky his lyrics are in the song, you have to love how hungry he sounds.




Are there two rappers that are cruder than Tory Lanez and Tyga? These last couple of years, they’ve released music that I wouldn’t show my pastor on his off day. With that being said, on “Shameless,” Tyga and Tory talk about picking flowers and giving to the needy (Nah, I’m playing, they talk about smashing chicks in the song).

Even though Tory Lanez and Tyga sound like horndogs on “Shameless,” the good news is this: they also sound like gifted rappers that know how to ride beats phenomenally and hit us with melodies that will get stuck in your head easily.




Who else got hyped as hell listening to “Band A Man!?”

The energy that Tory raps with on “Band A Man” is amazing! Throughout the song, he huffs and puffs like The Big Bad Wolf, he hits us with a bunch of different flows, and he hypes his homies up to be great. If Tory’s contributions to the song don’t amp you up, the song’s triumphant beat will.

If I’m in the club and “Band A Man” comes on, I will have to get a bottle! (Hopefully, The Park sells Burnett bottles)



2. NO SERVICE (3/5)

3. BAND A MAN (5/5)


5. BIG TIPPER (4/5)

6. BOINK BOINK (3/5)

7. SHAMELESS (5/5)

8. 1 HITTER (4/5)

9. MOTORBOAT (4/5)

10. BOSS (4/5)




Do you know what amazes me about Tory Lanez? He knows how to wear a bunch of different musical hats. With that being said, on Loner, you get music by Tory that is supposed to galvanize bosses and hype assholes up.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Tory Lanez recorded Loner in the basement of a nightclub. The album features beats that are designed to rattle venues, menacing rap styles, and Rated X lyrics (Yes, there is a rating that is worse than ‘R’). While I don’t quite love the fact that Tory doesn’t bless us with smooth melodies or meaningful lyrics on the album, I do appreciate it when he allows grungy energy to carry him to the finish line of songs.

I’m not going to lie, I am a bit shocked at how many artists decided to be on Loner. The album features Lil Wayne, Tyga, Melii, Swae Lee, 42 Dugg, Rich The Kid, and VV$ Ken. Surprisingly/Not so surprisingly, Tory Lanez outshines every single person he collaborates with on the album (Except Melii). Matter of fact, when Tory allows someone else to rap on a song, it starts to dip in energy, uniqueness, and appeal.

While I certainly bopped my head to the songs on Loner, at the end of the day, Tory’s Lanez’s reckless lyrics towards women on the album simply don’t sit well with me given his felony assault charges. Here’s what I will tell you if you are interested in listening to Loner: If you f**k with villainous figures like The Joker or Alonzo from Training Day, find a way to enjoy listening to another villain in Tory Lanez talk his s**t on the album.

4 thoughts on “Tory Lanez – Loner (Album Review)

  1. great album. what really bugs me is the fact that people won’t give tory a chance. people were talking shit on this album DAYS before it came out, and keep in mind that this album and daystar were blackballed. i don’t wanna get into his situation with megan but i do wanna say that it’s disappointing how people are rejecting him when the evidence against him is almost nonexistent.

    now that that’s out of the way, i will say that i enjoyed most of these tracks. my personal favs were young n*ggas, band a man, and motorboat. the only track i didn’t enjoy was the one with rich the kid because his verse is ass.

    1. That was a well-needed rant 👏🏾. I think one can judge someone’s work fairly without diving deep into their personal life. At the end of the day, we don’t know what exactly what happened between Tory and Megan, so I think treating him like he’s guilty before being proven guilty isn’t fair. At the same time, domestic abuse situation are very touching, and a lot of ppl get bad memories from it, so I think it’s ok to say that you are going to skip his work. I see both sides.

      As for as the work, man, we are on the same page a lot! The three songs you like are three songs I like! And 150% agree that Rich The Kid made Boink Boink an average song; you take him off, I like it a lot! Lol

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