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Angelo Nicola Giuliano Plays The Piano Masterfully On “Only Stardust”


Angelo Nicola Giuliano


With his latest single, “Only Stardust,” Angelo Nicola Giuliano creates yet another melodic and graceful instrumental piece. 

Teggiano, Italy electric composer and pianist Angelo Nicola Giuliano’s distinctive sound comes from a mix of contemporary and classical chords. His tasteful work is meant to inspire an emotional response unique to his listeners. The softly lulling “Only Stardust” is no exception, as Angelo’s work continues to shine, showcasing yet another emotionally detailed composition. 

“Only Stardust” starts slow and airy, getting mildly complex towards the middle. The harmonies flow into one another very well and the tones and undertones have such a lightness to them, you’ll feel like you’re floating away into a deeply relaxed state of being. The song is a beautifully flowing piece of work great for providing a gentle and soothing touch. It’s the perfect listen for anyone looking to take a deep breath and let their conscience drift up to the sky.

Give “Only Stardust” a shot below!



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