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DAX & Trippie Redd Join Forces For “I Don’t Want Another Sorry”


Dax & Trippie Redd


“I Don’t Want Another Sorry” is a breakup song by Dax and Trippie Redd (Yes, 2020 is trolling us to the very end).

These last couple of weeks, I’ve been abusing Dax’s Spotify page. In my opinion, he is one of the most riveting rappers to listen to. Today, Dax decided to release “I Don’t Want Another Sorry,” a break-up song that features intoxicating melodies and powerful lyrics.

If you have been in love before (I’m assuming everyone has at one point in their life), “I Don’t Want Another Sorry” should resonate with you. The song features lyrics about fake sorrys and payback, payback, payback. While Dax raps grungily and sings fearlessly on the song, Trippie Redd sings like a dude that is in the process of an exorcism.

Give “I Don’t Want Another Sorry” a shot below.

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