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Heavy AmericA Tackles America’s Lack Of Unity In “Generation Lame”


Heavy AmericA

OVERALL RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

According to Heavy AmericA, “Generation Lame” “kills the comfort zones of political politeness.”

Since 2014, Boston power trio Heavy AmericA has been releasing rock music that features hard-hitting instrumentals and powerful lyrics. In other words, whenever the band gets a chance to let us all know about ourselves, they do it explosively. In “Generation Lame,” Heavy America’s latest single, they call out America’s pawns and antagonists in the most unique way possible.

“Generation Lame” blends a myriad of genres, a myriad of vibes, kick-ass solos, irresistible melodies, and fearless vocal performances. The song also boasts lyrics that should numb the minds of every resident of the United States of America. Below are some of the thought-provoking lyrics that you will hear in the song:

Too much hate and violence in the streets Fakes and liars this way
Ain’t changing minds that way
Tear gas de jour man, ain’t it sweet
Take the pen boy, sign your name boy Everything you dream on a silver chain Ya’ll gotta remember
We’re all in it together
Don’t believe the news man, that ain’t me Fools and thieves this way
Haters profit that way
Feeding on the feckless and the weak Take the pen boy, sign your name boy Everything you dream on a silver chain

Oh, do I love it when musicians speak their mind! You can disagree with Heavy AmericA’s words, but you can’t disagree with how hard their music hits.

The music video to “Generation Lame” is captivating. In it, you see videos from protests in the past, the Devil, shaky handshakes, and more.

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