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Fat Joe Returns With “Sunshine (The Light)”

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Fat Joe


Joey Crack and Amorphous band together to make the very inspirational “Sunshine (The Light)!”

I wonder where Fat Joe sits on your ‘top all-time rappers’ list… While he may not be as lyrical as your favorite rappers, I do think that he has hits galore on his resume. “Sunshine (The Light),” Joe’s latest release, is yet another smash hit.

“Sunshine (The Light)” is powered by an instrumental that would make your grandfather want to shake his ass. Over it, Fat Joe spits bars about being a slick playa that steals other men’s women, who rocks expensive jewelry, and only travels in fly s**t. Personally, what I like about the song is that it boasts old school rap styles and welcoming vibes.

I’m f**king with this “Sunshine (The Light)” song a lot.

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