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Lil Wayne Talks About His Legal Issues On “Ain’t Got Time”

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Lil Wayne & Fousheé


Lil Wayne released “Ain’t Got Time” a day after being pardoned by Donald Trump.

Remember how hard Lil Wayne was cheesing on that picture that he took with Donald Trump a few months ago? Well, we now know why he was so happy. Right before Donald Trump exited the white house yesterday, he pardoned a bunch of people; Lil Wayne was one of those people. In “Ain’t Got Time,” the New Orleans rapper literally sounds elated.

“Ain’t Got Time” features a sloppy vocal performance, erratic flows, and vulnerable lyrics by Lil Wayne. It also features a soulful vocal performance by Fousheé. Personally, I don’t like the song, but who cares, Wayne is free!

Listen to “Ain’t Got Time” below.

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