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YBN Nahmir Releases An Updated Version Of “Opp Stoppa” WIth 21 Savage


YBN Nahmir & 21 Savage


I told y’all that YBN Nahmir is alive and well!

Back in 2019, when YBN Nahmir was poppin, he released the simple-sounding “Opp Stoppa.” Two years later, Nahmir decided to drop a remix to the song that features the one and only 21 Savage.

I’m not going to lie, I don’t love the flows, the swagger, or the basic-ass lyrics that YBN Nahmir hits us with on “Opp Stoppa.” Thankfully, 21 Savage saves the song by gifting us with a verse that is the perfect amount of quirky, reckless, humourous, and violent.

This “Opp Stoppa” song sounds so f**king undone…


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