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Zetroc Shines On The Very Eclectic “The Bottomless” 




“The Bottomless” is off Zetroc’s “Telegenik” album.

Zetroc is an uber-talented musician that makes songs that are out-of-this-worldly. On his latest project, Telegenik, he toys with all kinds of vibes, genres, effects, tones, and topics. One of my favorite songs from the project is the very eclectic “The Bottomless.”

“The Bottomless” is powered by a beautifully erratic soul instrumental. Over it, Zetroc hits us with highly-infectious melodies, a peculiar vocal performance, and hypnotizing lyrics. While the song will probably get you to nod your head and move your feet, the next-level effect it will have on your mind will blow you away.

I recommend that you listen to Zetroc’s Telegenik album HERE. In my opinion, it highlights the beauty of artistic music.




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