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Kodak Black Celebrates His “Last Day In” After His Release


Kodak Black


Now that Kodak Black is out, we have to get him on Love & Lockup!

A week ago, Donald Trump wasted used one of his pardons to get Kodak Black out of jail. While he might end up back in jail in a few months, at least he gets to smell some freedom for a little bit. This weekend, Kodak decided to release “Last Day In,” a song that indicates how much love he has for his lawyers, Trump, his babies, and smoke.

Kodak Black sings his ass off in “Last Day In,” and I am OK with that. He also sounds like a dude that is legitimately thankful for being out of jail. I expect Kodak to go back to his gritty ways in about a week or two (Don’t worry, once that man eats a Popeyes chicken sandwich, he will turn back into a demon).

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