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Ty Dolla $ign Releases “Spicy (Remix)” With YG, Tyga & J Balvin


Ty Dolla $ign, YG, Tyga & J Balvin


“Spicy” just got spicier (That s**t is spicier than some blazing hot wings now)!

I don’t feel like enough people are giving Ty Dolla $ign’s hot-ass Featuring Ty Dolla $ign project enough praise. Today, a remix to one of the best songs on the album, “Spicy,” has hit streaming services (Y’all better appreciate this s**t).

“Spicy” probably didn’t need a remix… With that being said, I love the fact that Ty Dolla $ign went left-field with this official remix to the song. Not only does it feature a verse by reggaeton superstar J Balvin, but it also features a hood-romantic verse by YG and a pimpadocios/clever verse by Tyga.

Listen to “Spicy” remix below.


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