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Thomas Hudson Endorses Living Life On The Edge In “Young and Stupid”


Thomas Hudson


Thank you, Thomas, I needed a song like “Young and Stupid” in my life.

Thomas Hudson is a musician from Miami, FL that I think has a really bright future. Not only do I love how creative he is, but I also like how fearless he is. With that being said, Hudson’s latest single, “Young and Stupid,” is the type of song that will show you exactly how creative and fearless he is.

While you’re going to appreciate how catchy, how infectious, and how gleeful “Young and Stupid” sounds, I think it’s Hudson’s lyrics that will catch your attention the most. Throughout the song, he reminds the love of his life how important it is to have fun, not to worry about little s**t, and to swing for the fences. If such lyrics don’t stand out to you, perhaps you aren’t young and stupid enough…

Listen to the very quirky “Young and Stupid” below.



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