Ashton Blaze


Ashton Blaze talks about chasing bags and strong-arming his competition in “Big Bag.”

Ashton Blaze is a dope-ass rap name, right? If that’s his government name, we need to give that man his flowers now. Anywho, “Big Bag,” Ashton’s latest single, is hotter than Kim Kardashian in clothes that shrunk.

First and foremost, I love the beat that you hear on “Big Bag.” In one sense, it gives me old school Mariah Carey vibes, while in another sense, it gives me new school Jack Harlow vibes. As for Ashton, I f**k with how he does the opposite of what the song’s beat asks for. In other words, I love how he spits aggressively and talks about guns in the song, despite the beat boasting semi-colorful vibes (Who doesn’t love rebels?).

Listen to “Big Bag” by the very talented Ashton Blaze below.