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Anna Azerli Electrifies On The Very Powerful “Finally”


Anna Azerli


I love how Anna talks about the importance of finding yourself on “Finally.”

Anna Azerli is someone that is very easy to root for. Through personal tragedies, location changes, and work stoppages, the New Zealand-born singer has found a way to morph herself into one of the most dynamic pop singers on this planet. In “Finally,” Anna explosively lets us know that she is in a great place mentally these days, being able to be herself again after an unsettling love affair experience.

“Finally” will strike a chord with you. The song features an instrumental that boasts gripping EDM vibes, an intoxicating vocal performance, next-level melodies, and most importantly, lyrics that underdogs, dreamers, and scarred individuals will love.

Anna Azerli’s life journey makes “Finally” feel so satisfying.




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