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Trippie Redd Goes The Heinous Route On “Buzz”

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Trippie Redd


Lowkey, Trippie Redd is one of the most violent rappers in the game today.

It’s becoming harder and harder to predict what Trippie Redd would do next. Last year, right after dropping the worst project in modern history (Spooky Sounds), the Ohio rapper shined on the very dynamic Pegasus. Today, on a random-ass Wednesday, Trippie decided to return to the music scene with the very violent/braggadocios/erratic “Buzz.”

After listening to “Buzz,” you’re going to think that Trippie Redd needs a psychiatric review. Throughout the song, he talks about shooting his ops, about buzzing like a bee, about giving his family anything they want, and about driving nice cars recklessly. For the most part, Trippie raps with a ferocious/tumultuous style throughout the song.

Listen to the very bizarre “Buzz” below (BTW, the music video to the song is just as bizarre).

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